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  1. Hi Kimberly, I am sure you don’t remember me but we went to college together and grew up in the same city. I just wanted to say Congratulations on your accomplishments!!!! To date, I haven’t read any of your books, but I am going to make sure I check them out because your topics sound interesting!!! Wishing you continued success!!!

  2. I just want to say that I too am an aspiring writer. I truly enjoyed your story At Last in the Purple Panties book. It is hard to read erotic lesbian stories from those who are not lesbian, but your story touched on more than just the physcial parts. Great Job!

  3. Hey Kim: Finally giot the chance to visit your website and read several of your books. You Rock girl!! Continued success.

  4. Hello Mrs. Terry , I just wanted to say I have read one of your books The Sweet Spot, and I plan on reading more. I really enjoyed it and the plot and characters were wonderful. I have been reading interracial romances for a while and most are just fluff with unbelievable situations, but I must say that yours was fantastic. Thank you !

  5. Ms. Kim,

    I applaud your innovative work in a genre of reading that I have longed to see move past the vanilla or chocolate obsession to a more romantic aspect that I can relate to.
    I thank you for being one of the ones daring enough to take that first step in communicating to the erotic/romantic world the beauty of difference in both color and culture.
    I appreciate your writings so much. You now have a die-hard fan.
    -Kali T. Lane, 27

  6. Hi Ms. Terry; I just finish reading Chocolate Truffles and I loved it. Keep up the good work and take care. Juanita Ervin

  7. I just finished The Sweet Spot. It was amazing!!! Am looking forward to reading more of your work. I am a BW married to a WM and am glad I have found your writings. Z PHI!!!!

  8. Hi Soror,

    When I opened your recent Kimani Novel “Hot to Touch” I was so excited to see you are a Zeta! A great book from a soror – it doesn’t get much better.

    Eeikee and Many Blessings!

  9. Hi Kimberly. I just finished ” Hot to Touch”. I loved Gene’s and Shane’s story.

  10. Ms. Terry,

    Thank you SO MUCH for creating books to fit into that unique niche known as interracial romance. It’s difficult to find IRRs in which the characters aren’t constantly hung up on race or there’s a bizarre race-related fetish involved. I’m a BW married to a WM and it’s refreshing to find romance novels that fit into my demographics. Please keep writing!!

  11. Hi Soror, just read your book AUCTIONED; An Invitation Erotic Odyssey and I love it. Great story line. I was checking out your website & will be reading more of your books. Kudos Soror. :)

    EE-I-KKEEE :grin: :grin:

  12. Kimberly Kaye Terry you are now one of my new favorite authors! I discovered you when I read Big Spankable Asses and since then I can’t get enough of your books. My favorite’s included: The Sweet Spot, Ridin’ The Rails, and Make it Last…God you have an awesome talent with words. Keep those books coming!

  13. Just want to say you have been added to my list of favorites authors. I am reading To Tempt a Wilde and I had to find more books you wrote so I went online and ordered 7 so far.

  14. i just started reading your books and they are awesome. the first one was hot to touch. i just love that book know im reading your wilde series. im waitin for shalih’s book. cant wait

  15. I just read the excerpt of To Tempt a Wilde, let’s just say I’m heading to the bookstore , I loved it. I love stories about women over coming adversity and finding a way back to a loving relationship . Ms Terry you are one of my new favorite authors

  16. Hi ms.kimberly I read To Love a Wilde and I love it i wish it was longer and i read it again i can’t put it down and i read To Desire a Wilde you make the best Romance books.can you make another Wilde book i will love 2 see what the boys are geting into.

  17. Ms. Terry,

    I bought all three Wilde Book Series. I tremendously enjoyed reading about each of their stories. But my only disappointed was the conclusion on each book. From my viewpoint, they (Wilde Brothers) are engaged and there was not any indication when they were getting married or what actually happened in their lives. Is there going to be another connection to those books to have closure? Hint: a triple wedding or maybe a fourth one with their friend and foreman Jake??

  18. I never read a book like yours and let’s just say I love It. :razz:
    The drama, The sex, And the Very hot man (wink).I frist descover your books from Once Upon A Holiday, It’s was so declious I couldn’t help but to sink my teeth in it agian and again. Can’t wait to read more of your amazing books. :razz:

  19. Hi Kimberly. I Ordered The Wilde Series from amazon a few weeks ago. before i realized it i was reaading the 2nd book in the series first. The passion between Holt and Yasmine was so sizzling i couldn’t put it down. was done reading it in two days. now on to book one. i love all your books i’ve read thus far. i love writers who are not afraid to explore vibrate passion in written format so that readers such are able to bring it to pass in some way fashion or form.

  20. Hello Ms. Terry,
    The first book I read by you was “To Love a Wilde” and ever since then you have become apart of my favorite author list! Your books always keep me entertained with your books and after visting your website, I learned that you write erotica too! I look foward to reading more of your books:) -Linda’Ann

  21. Hello Ms.Kimberly,I njoy reading ur books,great work blessings to u and family.

  22. Hi, your books are wonderful! Makes me wish for a sexy hero of my own! Keep the great stories coming!

  23. Good Morning Kimberly,

    The Wilde book schedule to drop in September. Will it be Wilde in Wyoming or Hawaii. Since the Wilde brothers of Wyoming were adopted how are these brothers or cousins located?

  24. I-love-the-book-HOT-TO-TOUCH!!!-It-was-soooo-good-I-could-not-put-it-down!-I-finished-this-book-in-three-days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I love your books…keep up the great work…God Bless.

  26. I find a lot of enjoyment in reading your books. My daughter bought me a nook and I am always seeing what you have new, as well as rereading your literature. Thank you for being zn awesome writer!

  27. Your work is deliciously enticing to readers. I immensely enjoyed reading about the Keloha brothers in your books. I would love to hear more about them. Your characters are very captivating. I find similarities of myself in your heroines as they are very sassy. The Keloha brothers are a tasty treat to read about. Thank you for giving us this gift. I was hooked the moment I read the first page. You should look into bringing your characters to life on television.

  28. We would like to see the model for Keanu Kealoha in “To Have a Wilde” in your gallery.

  29. Hello, Kimberly , Thanks for the great books. They have encourage me to the job and write my first book

  30. Hi, Kimberly. I’ve not read any of your books but I look foward to reading them as soon as I can.

  31. Hi Kimberly, I have enjoyed your book Deeper and I am still waiting for the rest of the series. You announced they would be released more almost a year ago but so far they have not.

  32. I love your books and your websites!

  33. hallo, you are good. erotically good. read one of your books, ridin trails. have you written the story of Rochelle and Seth?. can’t seem to get your other books here in Kenya if you know where they stocked it would be of help

  34. Hi! I liked Love’s Redemption and was wondering will there be a book for Nicolai and Dafina?

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