Ridin’ the Rails

Parker Publishing ♦ June 18, 2007
Genre: Contemporary ♦ African American
ISBN-10: 1600430198 ♦ ISBN-13: 978-1600430190

Author Naomi Gibson finds inspiration to write her novels hot in the form of sexy, corporate attorney, Brice Anders. But what starts out as a weekend of erotic games aimed to help Naomi release the sensual woman within, soon turns into a sensual train ride cross-country that will leave both Brice and Naomi changed forever.

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Ridin' the Rails


“We can pour oil over your body, you can place my shaft between those big, pretty breasts of yours, let me ease in and out between them—” he whispered hotly against her neck. Naomi’s heart beat quickened as the image of his thick shaft, sandwiched between her breasts, filled her mind.

She felt herself cream from excitement; the image was so real, so incredibly erotic. She listened as he went into greater details on the various ways a woman could help a man come, without actual penetration with her breath coming in fast gasps, her mouth dry.

“I don’t see myself doing even one of those things, Brice,” she lied.

He gently separated her slick folds and Naomi arched her back against his hard chest. When he inserted two big fingers inside her, she squirmed around his thick fingers, whimpering as he stretched her wide. The rough pad of his thumb circled her clit while his fingers pumped in and out of her clenching heat.

“You’re a woman of contradictions, Naomi. You want to experience real sensuality, real sex, real orgasms…real love. Without having to deal with any of the consequences that comes with it. You can’t pick and choose, Naomi. And neither can you really experience one without the others.”

Naomi lay in front of Brice trying to think, listen, while his fingers pumped in and out of her clenching walls. When he inserted his remaining fingers, deep inside her, curling them, nearly fisting her, she cried out from the hot pressure.

“Are you listening to me, Naomi?” He nudged the back of her neck.

“Umm, yes…” she whimpered, her body quivering, shaking, her breath coming out in pants. She was afraid to move. His fist was lodged so deep and tight inside her, that it pulled and dragged at her inflamed tissues.

“It’s okay, baby, just relax, enjoy what I’m doing to you. I need you wetter; I need that sweet cream to drench my hand.”

Brice used his free hand to pull her leg up and over his, straddling his thigh. The new position stretched her farther, relieving some of the pressure. She bit her lip and forced herself to relax to ease the constriction of her inner walls.

Taking a deep breath, she leaned back against his broad back, and surrendered.

He slowly screwed his hand inside her and she groaned, loudly. Her body shuddered and quaked as he continued to rotate his hand, deep.

“Sweet heaven…oh god, oh god…oooooh,” she mewled like a kitten and rode the orgasm as it swept through her body.

When she came back to awareness he was slipping his hand from inside of her body. Before she had time to capture her breath he plunged his fingers into her mouth. She didn’t need any coaching. She suckled her own juices from his thick fingers, moaning, knowing this man could take her anywhere and she’d gladly go along for the ride.

She closed her eyes and allowed sleep to overtake her, sated and at ease with her decision to stay with him.

She planned to make the most of whatever came her way.