Just Like Candy

Kensington Aphrodisia ♦ January 1, 2008
ISBN-10: 0758222491 ♦ ISBN-13: 978-0758222497
Genre: Contemporary ♦ Interracial

The Sweetest Temptation…

Davis Strong has no business lusting after the new director of the Youth Center his aunt has hired. But who can resist a woman named Candy? He wants to make love to her luscious lips, caress her smooth and creamy skin, and savor her mocha-colored body. Only then will he get the dessert he’s been waiting for—a taste of her sweet, hot center…

Sinfully Delicious…

It isn’t fair that one man should consume her thoughts the way Davis Strong does. But no man does it for her like this one. At night, alone in her bed, Candy dreams about her lover, lying beneath his rock hard body, naked and exposed, begging him to touch her, to taste her, to fill her. It’s the ultimate sexual fantasy and Candy’s ready for the real thing…

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Just Like Candy


“Please…don’t stop this time.”

The sounds of her groans were loud and harsh in the still of the room as she tossed her head on the pillow. She arched her body up from the bed in sharp response to her lover’s latest ministrations.

Oh, it felt so good.

When he pressed the heel of his palm and just the right spot — her special spot — the spot that no other man had figured out did it for her, she almost came.

She felt the ease of cream as it slid down the inside of her thigh despite her automatic and natural inclination to clinch her legs together.

He laughed low and throaty and then she felt his strong capable hands spread her legs even further apart. He forced her thighs wide, and she was left open and vulnerable as he stared at her naked, bared flesh.

She was forced to close her eyes, the excitement was nearly too much to bear. She exhaled a long shaky breath. In all honesty she didn’t care that she was exposed. Not here, not now.

Neither did she feel the slightest bit of embarrassment…nothing mattered as long as he gave her what she needed.

And she was more than certain that he would. He knew just what to do to get her wet and ready. Ready for anything and everything he had in store for her.

“Candy, I bet you taste as good as your name, baby, just the way I like it, sweet, sugary… and sticky.” He bent his head and inhaled long and deep.

“Ummm. You even smell good,” he rumbled in his deep, throaty, ‘let-me-do-you’ voice. The kind of voice that made a woman want to snatch off all her clothes and give in to his every heated, pussy-clenching demand.

Candy felt no shame accepting — no, begging — for his sweet, sweet touch. She was wanton and didn’t give a hot damn. As long as he would give her what she wanted, she was one happy woman.

“Do you want it, Candy? Do you want me?” he breathed against the inside of her thigh.

She nearly came from his low-talking barrage, from the way one of his big hands stroked back and forth over the short, tight hairs covering her mound. As he spoke, the heel of his other hand kept the pressure steady and direct above her pubic bone. Lord, this man was lethal.

“Ummm. Yes,” she moaned. She didn’t have the strength to say much more than that. She was helplessly trapped in a sensual web of her own making.

“What do I want to hear? What do you have to say for me to give you what you need, baby?” If he didn’t give her what she wanted soon, didn’t just do her the way she longed to be done, she was going to lose her ever lovin’ mind. At the point they’d currently reached, there was nothing she wouldn’t say or do to get him to finally finish what he’d started months ago.

“Please,” she whispered, barely able to choke the words out, past the tight constriction in her throat. “Please, please… give me what I want…” Her shameless plea was cut off mid-beg on a long keen when he licked one finger, gently separated her slick folds and stroked her.

“You beg so pretty, Candy. But what else? What else do I want to hear? Tell me what you want me to do to you.

“Please, don’t make me say it!” she pleaded. “You know what I want,” she whimpered in a low, barely audible voice.

She cried out again when he inserted one finger, and then another into her wet slit and slowly worked his way inside the tight opening. She squirmed around his thick fingers and clenched the walls of her vagina in response.

“You tell me what I want to hear and I’ll give you what we both want,” he lifted his head and promised. The look in his light grey eyes was lusty and demanding, before he turned his attention back to her bared pussy.

He stroked a swift, deadly caress with his tongue, separating her vaginal lips. He captured the hood covering her clit between his teeth, ferreted out her tightly drawn bud, and slowly, slowly…released it.

The sudden, unexpected caress had Candy crying out in passionate disbelief. This was as far as he’d ever gone in his lovemaking. Candy was filled with nervous excitement, hoping this time, at last, he would satisfy her.

She’d finally get to feel the long hard length of him embedded deep inside her. She lay back down against the pillows with her heart pounding erratically in her chest and knew it was now or never. They always came to this point. This was the point where he’d offer her an ultimatum and she would retreat, unable to give him what he demanded. Afraid.

But not this time.

No. This time, she was ready and beyond tired of being strung out, begging him for the release only he could give her. No other man would do. She was tired of fear holding her back. This was the man she wanted, and no one else. No one else did it for her. No one created this deep, all-encompassing, yearning… this crazy ache in her heart, like he did.

She took a deep, determined breath, held it for a fraction of a second, before she slowly released the pent up air. This time she would give him the words he demanded. She’d admit to him what he already knew.

“I want you to fuck me.”

She knew the words were stark, bold.

Didn’t leave much to the imagination.

But there it was.

“Nice start, Candy,” he breathed against her inner thigh and stroked her again with his hot, talented tongue. “But how do you want me to fuck you?”

Oh god. This was going to be harder than she thought. To actually say out loud her secret kink, to risk being exposed…the thought alone was enough to scare the shit out her.

She almost backed out, almost.

Taking another deep breath, she allowed the words to trip from her tongue. “Get the binds. I’m ready. I want you to…”