Dominique’s Release

Samhain Publishing ♦ July 14, 2009
ISBN eBook: 978-1-60504-588-7 ♦ Novella
Genre: Paranormal ♦ Interracial

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Also available in Print: CAPTIVE SOULS
including “Stone’s Embrace” by Delilah Devlin and “Demon Dreamer” by Vivi Anna
Samhain Publishing ♦ May 4, 2010
ISBN-10: 1605045977 ♦ ISBN-13: 978-1605045979

Love is the most dangerous enchantment…

A Captive Souls story.

All her life Dominique Fouche has chafed under her coven’s “protection”. It’s time she found out why she has never been allowed to explore the darker side of her nature. She ventures forth to get answers from the father she has never known, only to learn he is dead and she’s the new owner of his mansion.

The house is as mysterious as her past, where just opening an ancient book releases the pent-up fury and lust of a handsome, larger-than-life creature. Her strange new lover leaves her weak, satiated—and deathly afraid.

Bacclum, a mixed-blood angel, will not allow a mere witch stop him from finding his family and claiming his rightful heritage. Even if it means using every means at his disposal to siphon off Dominique’s power. Yet once deep inside her sinfully sweet body, he finds himself bound by a magic far stronger than any spell.

There’s a reason her blood calls out to his—and it’s made her an unwitting target of the same deadly forces bent on denying Bacclum his birthright…

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Dominique's Release
Captive Souls


A glowing, hazy smoke surrounded the book. She coughed from instinct rather than need; the smoke had no substance beyond the visual. Afraid, Dominique shoved the book from her lap, to no avail.

The cloud left the vicinity of the book and went to the middle of the room. Her eyes rounded, her heart now racing so wildly she feared it would leap from her chest.

From the mist an outline formed, growing larger and gaining substance. She stumbled, falling to the floor and scrambling back. Dominique frantically scooted her body along the hardwood floor, far away from the shadow, grasping at the necklace

“Shit!” she cursed.

So mesmerized by what was transpiring, she was unable to force herself to look away—even as she knew she needed to run like hell in the complete and opposite direction from whatever was forming from the pages of that book.

But like a deer caught in headlights, she was frozen where she crouched on the floor, her mouth open, her eyes perfect rings as one minute there was a dark column of smoke and the next a man…a very large, very angry, very naked man, standing in front of her.

It was him. The man from her dreams.

And he was coming for her, forcing her to admit that what had happened the day before had not been some crazy, wild dream.

Once fully formed he zeroed in on her, the expression on his chiseled, beautiful face set, angry, as he advanced on her.

She remained where she was and stared up…way, way up, at what had to be nearly seven feet of hard-muscled, golden-colored man glaring down at her. She swallowed.

Her eyes slowly met his dark, fathomless ones.

“I knew you would come back to me, Dominique.” Although he spoke quietly, there was a subtle hint of menace in his tone.

Again, she reached for the missing amulet before cursing her stupidity and, as though not to alert him to what she was doing, she began to slowly inch her body backward.

His dark eyes followed the movement of her hand reaching for her charm as she moved, a knowing smile lifting a corner of his lips ,a low laugh tumbling from his sensual mouth.

“There’s nowhere to run, Dominique.”

Before she could gather her wits and jump up, spin around and do exactly that, he was on her.