Deeper Volume 1

Deeper, Volume 1
KKT Ink ♦ July 14, 2013
Genre: Contemporary ♦ Interracial Romance

Dr. Maya Richardson becomes tangled in a serial killer case after Detective Mark Halstan, lead investigator, arranges for her to act as a special consultant. From the first moment she meets Mark, Maya worries her long buried sexual fears won’t hold out against the enigmatic detective. His raw masculinity forces a feminine reaction she is unable to deny, yet knows will mean delving into the deeper, darker aspect of her sexuality that she’s been afraid to explore.

Mark has secrets himself, of an erotic nature, ones he wonders if Maya, a complete innocent when it comes to relationships, much less sex, can handle. Lies, betrayal and carnal lust all come to a boiling head as Maya and Mark plunge head first into discovering not only who the betrayer is, but also into finding a deeper, stronger meaning to love and lust.

This is part one, of a three part serial. It has been completely revised and rewritten from its original publication.

Emotional erotica at its best, Deeper is a scandalously hot, emotionally charged story that is meant for a mature audience only.

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Deeper Volume 1


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