Simon & Schuster ♦ March 3, 2009
ISBN-10: 1593092326 ♦ ISBN-13: 978-1593092320
Genre: Contemporary ♦ Light Bondage/Restraints ♦ Interracial

AUCTIONED is part of a trilogy entitled AN INVITATION EROTIC ODYSSEY. AUCTIONED, although independent, is linked with two other erotic stories, DISCIPLINED by Allison Hobbs and OBSESSED by Delilah Devlin, and all will release simultaneously, March, 2009.


From Zane’s new Quickiez line comes a sassy, sexy trilogy about three voracious women who accept mysterious weekend invitations to island resorts in hopes of fufilling their naughtiest fantasies.

AUCTIONED; An Invitation Erotic Odyssey by Kimberly Kaye Terry

Chase Davidson, has always been driven to succeed. Growing up poor, Chase vowed she would rise above the squalor of her childhood and become successful. When her fortune 500 Company doesn’t promote her Chase is beyond distraught. Disgraced and furious, she wants her power back. Needing a quick fix to soothe her damaged ego, she impulsively accepts an invitation to an island adventure that promises to fulfill her every desire — including her desire to be “number one.” What she experiences is more than what she bargained for, but exactly what she needed.

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AUCTIONED: AN INVITATION EROTIC ODYSSEY by Kimberly Kaye Terry, DISCIPLINED: AN INVITATION EROTIC ODYSSEY by bestselling author Allison Hobbs and OBSESSED: AN INVITATION EROTIC ODYSSEY by popular erotica author, Delilah Devlin.


Although she couldn’t see them clearly, she felt them. Their lust and sexual energy shot through her body, infusing her with their collective ardor.

The auctioneer’s hands slowly moved down her shoulders and over her breasts.

“Only you can satisfy their longings.”

She scarcely noticed when he deftly unknotted the ties of the fabric and the cloth fell from her body, leaving her body starkly outlined in the sheer dress.

She felt the crowd’s randy anticipation, their excitement.

“They’ve been waiting for you and you alone, Chastity.”

Their lust was a palpable living entity—one so tangible she felt its shadowy, invisible fingers move insidiously down her spine, curl over her body, her breasts, her stomach, and stroke her between her thighs.

Distantly, she felt his hands roam over her body as she stared out, in odd fascination, over the excited crowd.

“Would you deny them the opportunity to make you number one?” he murmured for ears alone.
The fingers of their combined lust stroked her just as the auctioneer stroked her in a symphonic rhythm. The heavy beat of the drum began to pulse in time with the hammering beat of the walls in her pussy.

She heard the auctioneer lightly chuckle, as though he knew…

He continued to skim his hands over her body. He bunched her gown in his fist and slid it up her legs, past her waist, exposing her.

“Who among you is able to tame this beauty? Who can crash through her walls, break down her barriers to reach the hidden treasures she keeps so carefully locked away?”

His words seemed to come from a small distance, the finger he plunged into her creaming pussy one she felt yet didn’t pull away from.

He inserted a second finger, the thumb playing with her pulsing clit while the second finger withdrew her cream.

“Hmmm,” he murmured. “So hot.” He closed his eyes briefly after bringing the evidence of her arousal to his nostrils and inhaled, deeply.

He took his finger into his mouth, licked her cum away, and smiled. “So sweet.”

It all felt like a dream to her as she turned her head slightly and watched dispassionately as he licked his finger and smiled.

The air around her grew thick, hotter. Dewy beads of moisture trickled between her breasts.

“Who among you is man…or woman…enough to take on the challenge she lays before you?”

He grabbed the top of her dress and ripped it apart, exposing her fully to the now frantic crowd.
Lifting one heavy breast, he palmed as much as his hand would hold, thumbing a finger over her tight, spiked nipple.

“Who is ready to start bidding on this nubile Amazon?” he laughingly called out.

The crowd began to jump to their feet in a frenzy of sexual energy.

“Are you ready to be number one, Chase?”

The Auctioneer gaze settled on her, his eyes were hot blazing beams of sexual tension.

Nothing about what he was saying, what he was doing, should have appealed to her.

His look, his touch—none of that should have affected her except for disgust and loathing.

Yet, as she stared into his hard, unyielding gaze, it did. He did.

She turned to the animated crowd.

They did.

Their frenzy, desire, franticness…It all called to her, called to everything in her that longed to yield.

To give in.

But not just to give in for their bidding.

She turned back to him, seeing the challenge in his dark eyes.

“Who among you is man or woman enough to break her down? To conquer her?”

As her gaze locked with the auctioneer, a delicious, forbidden desire to succumb to the utter madness of the auction rocked her very being.

She turned around, struck out her breasts and dislodged his hands from her body.

She closed her eyes, tilted her head to the side. As her tongue darted out of her mouth to moisten her lips, she boldly ran her hands down her body. With no apology, she showed off her body to those who thought they’d be the one; the one to break her.

She opened her eyes and raised one single brow at the Auctioneer and stepped away from him.

A low laugh tumbled from her lips as she faced the bidding crowd.

The adrenalin coursed fiercely through Chase’s veins. Every nerve ending was tingling with anticipation, and the high from the bidding heightened with every call outbidding the last.

She stood before them all, proudly resplendent in her nakedness. She had attended several auctions, but never in her wildest imagination, had she ever envisioned the likes of this one. The sheer forbidden quality of it damn near made her giddy, as her head whipped over the crowd, the bids reaching astronomical levels, as each one quickly outbid the other, the bids fast, staccato, hitting hard.

“Five million,” A feminine voice rang loudly over the bidding crowd.

A hush fell over the crowd, stilling all action.

Chase squinted against the glare clouding her vision, trying to see who had called out the incredulous amount, but was unable to locate the lone woman.

Her heart thud erratically against her chest, her body drenched with sweat as though she’d just completed a ten mile full out run as she scanned the crowd, wondering just as all the others, if anyone would—could—top the bid.

She turned toward the Auctioneer. He held out a hand for her to take.

With her hand trembling, she placed it within his.

“I believe we have—”

Before the Auctioneer could end the bidding and declare a winning bid, a deep baritone cut in.

“Twenty-five million.”

The crowd’s murmuring reached even higher decimals as heads turned in the direction of the voice.

The Auctioneer smiled, nodding his head in deference to the direction of the voice.

“I believe we have a winner,” he replied simply.